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Posted by Administrator on 2012/3/1 8:00:00 (11427 reads)

Strathmore admits students from widely differing backgrounds. Every year, the number of applicants for admission far exceeds the number of places available. All applicants are required to sit a written test. The Admissions Committee selects those students who demonstrate ability to cope with Strathmore’s demanding academic standards and who show ability to become active, productive members of the School community.

The admission procedure is as follows:
• Fill in and return an Application Form. Application Forms may be collected from the school Secretary or may be mailed to you on request.

•Standard Ones:
   •If you are applying for Standard One, you should pick up the form during working days from March to June.
   •The Entrance Exam: Strathmore Primary Test (SPT) is usually in June.
   •Eligible pupils are those who turn seven in the year they will be in Standard One.

•Primary and Form Two Transfers:
   •For transfer applicants of Standard Two to Seven,and Form 2 application forms can be picked up from the school secretary’s office from the first week of October.
   •The exam is taken in the second week of November.
   •Short listed candidates will be put on a “waiting list” and may be offered a place if a vacancy arises.
   •Please note that we do not accept transfers into Std. 8 and Form 3 and 4.

•Form Ones:
   •Form One applicants can pick up application forms from beginning of March.
   •The Strathmore Entrance Test (SET) is taken in the month of August.
   •An additional test may be organized in November for those who may have missed the August sittings.


The interviews will to take place on the following days. Please note that you have to book for the interview at least one week in advance:

Standard Ones
Saturday 23rd June 2012

Form Ones
11th, 18th and 25th August 2012

10th November 2012

All the interviews start at 8.30 am.

Applicants who qualify for admission are also eligible for a bursary on the basis of their financial needs and family circumstances. It is the School's policy that no deserving boy who meets our admission requirements should be prevented from accepting a place because of inability to pay the fees. The Bursary Fund depends on donations. Regular appeals are made to parents, past students and friends for contributions to the Bursary Fund.

Posted by Administrator on 2010/5/24 10:40:00 (15878 reads)


Contrary to popular belief that Strathmore School is a rich-man's school, the school has an active and efficient bursary scheme that has seen many orphans and students with ability but little financial muscle to make it through. Strathmore has two schemes through which its well-wishers donate funds to aid needy students. In the first scheme, money can be donated to the Bursary Fund and utilized in full in the year in which it is donated. The second scheme involves setting up an Endowment Fund usually named after the donor or in memory of a person of their choice. The school invests the Endowment fund money and, in agreement with the donor, allocates some of the interest earned every year to bursaries and reinvests the rest of the interest to make the fund grow.

Approximately 13% of students at Strathmore School are on bursary.

In 2011 alone, the school paid off more than Kenya Shillings 5.2 million as fees to 80 needy students compared to Kenya Shillings 255,000 in 1991. Unfortunately, the bursary figure has not always been matched by an equal amount of donations from parents, past students, companies and well-wishers. In fact the school has in the last 10 years found herself digging deep into her coffers and sometimes withholding funds meant for other projects due to the rising need for bursaries. In 2011 for example, the deficit between the bursaries given out and the donations was more than Kenya Shillings 2.2 million.

We appeal to well wishers to sponsor a student in the school and support the scheme. Those who wish to send contributions can do so through following account:

ACCOUNT NO. 03-045-5316235


ACCOUNT NO. 2953381080,
ROUTING NO. 021202337,

Strathmore University Foundation is a charitable trust that is registered in U. S.A. Donations to this foundation are tax deductible.

In each of the cases above, the donor should send an email confirming the beneficiary and details of the payment itself to: &


Over the years, the school's benefactors have started 30 endowment funds whose total capital value at the end of the year 2011 stood at Kenya Shillings 43,300,000.

Part of the interest generated from investing these funds is allocated to bursaries while the remaining balance is ploughed back to make the Principal grow and to hedge it against inflation.

The first Endowment Fund was created by Mr. and Mrs. Gajree in memory of their son, Jawahar in 1994. Four other small Endowment funds followed soon after started by three past teachers and the parents of one past student (Mr. S. de la Bedoyere Family, Dr. & Mrs. Branya, Mrs. A. Drackard, and Mr. and Mrs. J. Githongo). In 1998 the parents of the late Ajay Chotai (Form 1-1984) started an Endowment Fund in his memory and Dr. Deepak Bedi (Form 5-1969) started one to help good science students benefit from the same type of education he received while at Strathmore. The Eirtman Gendia Fund was started by a number of graduate students in fond memory of this long-serving Strathmore teacher who taught them.

Endowment funds donors receive an annual statement of accounts indicating principal and interest earned, and also academic reports of the beneficiaries.

The School is appealing to past students, parents and well-wishers to start new Endowments funds, no matter how small the initial amount may be.

Jawahar Gajree was a student at Strathmore School from 1982 to 1986, after which he moved to Merchant Taylor's School in London, and subsequently joined University College, Oxford. At Oxford he completed his degree in Engineering, Economics, Finance and Business Management with honours in 1992. While he was doing a second degree as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Anderson in London he came for a short visit to see his parents in Kenya. On 8th April 1993, while returning home from a visit to a national park, he died in a car accident two hours from Nairobi. Jawahar was top of his class. He was good in all subjects and excelled in the sciences. Besides his outstanding academic qualities, he had a simple and pleasant personality; he would avoid the limelight, trying to help all who came into contact with him.


Ajay Chotai joined Strathmore in Form 2 in January 1985. His case was special because he chose to skip Standard 8 and join the old system. This was possible because, due to change of system, there was no Form 1 that year. He was so well prepared and so hard working that, despite the age difference, he was soon among the top students of a competitive class. After completing his O levels in which he got top marks in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, he joined Form 5. He was later admitted to the Merchant Taylor's School, London in September 1998. From there he qualified to Oxford University. He was about to complete his degree in Engineering and Economics at Balliol College, when he passed away on 2nd April 1994, shortly before taking his final exams. His parents and brothers have funded the "Ajay Chotai Physics" Prize awarded to the top Form 4 Physics student each year. They also started the Ajay Chotai Endowment Fund in his memory, in September 1998.

Dr. Deepak Bedi is an old boy of the school. His fund (the Dr. Deepak Bedi Endowment fund) is used to help needy students gifted in the sciences, especially Biology.

(Table showing endowment funds - updated April 2012)

Endowment Funds 2012
Mr. & Mrs. Githongo E. Fund 80,310 80,310
Dr. Branya & Family E. Fund 143,898 143,898
Past Students E. Fund 4,432,152118,3004,550,452
Mr. Bedoyere Family E. Fund 170,218 170,218
Our Lady of Africa E. Fund 949,026 949,026
Jawahar Gajree E. Fund 2,178,372 2,178,372
Ada Drakard E. Fund 1,366,709 1,366,709
Ajay Chotai E. Fund 314,054 314,054
1989 Class E. Fund 62,280 62,280
Dr. Deepak Bedi E. Fund 451,456 451,456
Mr. Wambua & Family E. Fund 382,488 382,488
E. Gendia Memorial Fund 1,497,800 1,497,800
Mr. & Mrs. Knott E. Fund 53,436 53,436
Current Parents E. Fund 12,954,8211,045,04013,999,861
Current Students Fundraising 948,018 948,018
Jos Konzolo & Family E. Fund 347,188 347,188
Mr. Ongwae & Family E. Fund 47,391 47,391
Vincent Maiko E. Fund 44,599 44,599
Peter Mboya Memorial Fund (1982 F6 Class) 240,174 240,174
Nathan Ngumi E. Fund 524,172 524,172
Kingori Mwangi E. Fund 6,821,718 6,821,718
Mr. & Mrs. Muthoka Fund 244,037 244,037
Nkonge Majani Fund (Class of '95) 27,358826,245853,603
Bakhtawar Singh Virdee Memorial Fund 26,105 26,105
Class of '84 E. Fund 156,69524,000180,695
Santiago Eguidazu Memorial Fund 554,978 554,978
Geoffrey & Idinha Mascarenhas E. Fund 7,412,629 7,412,629
Tim & Tina Wanyonyi E. Fund 500,000 500,000
Class of '97 E. Fund 47,270 47,270
Kevin O'Byrne Memorial Fund 416,022 416,022
TOTAL 43,395,3732,013,58545,408,958

Posted by Administrator on 2008/2/11 12:00:00 (1957 reads)

Saturday the 26th dawned bright and eighty new students were added to the ranks of Strathmore’s esteemed scholars. Orientation went fairly well as the students were introduced to the humdrum procedures of the school and in brief given the layout of their next four years in the institution.

The ritual speeches by Mr. Dimba and Mr.Gortazar will certainly go a long way in the slow, steady and rigorous upbringing of the fresh bloods.

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Posted by Administrator on 2007/2/7 10:29:56 (10616 reads)


Secondary students 335
Primary Students 317

Average secondary class size 42
Average primary class size 40

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