December 17th 2019 the prelate visited Strathmore School for a get-together with young men. He began by reminding the standing-space crowd that December 17th was indeed a joyful day, since it was the Pope’s birthday, and that we should all pray very much for him. And especially these days are joyful because they lead up to Christmas, to the birth of Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Alaine, an ardent soccer player, asked how to help his friends fight against the enslavement of the social media. The Father’s advice was that each person should have a very clear goal for their lives, what one really wants to achieve in life. And “the greatest goal we can have is to look for Christ, to fulfill his will, and to do so we need to form ourselves very well, knowing we are called by God.”

Andrew, a university student, asked about the unrest that can arise in trying to discern one’s vocation. He was advised “to go to Jesus, to go to the tabernacle.” And not to fear or be anxious that our Lord will demand something that is too difficult. “Rather what God wants will make me happy, which is what God wants for everyone, that we be happy. ‘That my joy may be in you and that your joy may be full’ (Jn 15:11).”

In response to a question about the struggle for purity, the Father advised him to pray “especially to the Blessed Virgin Mary, without getting discouraged because of our falls.” He made the analogy that even physically when we fall to the ground we don’t stay down. So too in the spiritual life. And it is this sporting spirit combined with being prudent that will help us in this struggle. He gave the example of someone facing temptations from the mobile phone at night, who makes the decision to leave it outside the room. “Ask for advice from a friend, someone who has more experience, a priest, so that your effort will be more effective.” He then shared Saint Josemaria’s advice to pray three Hail Mary’s before going to bed every night, and to begin again in this struggle like a true sportsman.

Towards the end of the get-together a choir sang a moving rendition of Sauti Sol’s “Baba Yangu” — a song of thanks to one’s father.

And with that, it was already time to finish. He reminded everyone to pray a lot for the Holy Father and then gave his fatherly blessing.… more

Congratulations to the class of 2019!

Strathmore Class of 2019 posted a mean score of 389.35 in their KCPE examinations whose results were released yesterday. This is an improvement from the mean of 384.13 posted in 2018.

The top candidate, Christopher Kinyanjui scored 425 marks. Fifteen boys scored 400 marks and above.

The class posted excellent results in all subjects with English and Mathematics taking the lead with an average of 86.58 and 81.93 respectively.

Congratulations too to the teachers, tutors and members of staff who as a team have worked towards this great performance.

Congratulations to the parents! For eight years you have tirelessly given yourselves to your sons, showing your unwavering faith in them even in the bleakest of moments! This success is yours too!

These results give us one more reason to be grateful to God!

86.58 71.45 81.93 73.20 76.20 389.35
Candidates who scored 400 marks and above
















On October 12th 2019 the school had its annual Career Day for the Form 4 class of 2019.

The Form 4 students and their parents had the chance to get career advice from colleges and universities both local and international, Tertiary institutions, IGCE colleges and schools were also represented.

At the end of the day the students and their parents were more informed about the options available for them.


  1. Let them see you pray.
  2. Say simple prayers with them every day.
  3. Teach them God is our Father and we should please him.
  4. Teach love for the Blessed Eucharist through the importance it has in your life.
  5. Pass on your own love for Our Lady.
  6. Introduce your children to Jesus’ life through the stories you tell.
  7. Talk of God, naturally in the family.
  1. Foster their daily prayers.
  2. Help them to see the importance of sacraments in your life.
  3. Take an interest in school religion lessons and homework.
  4. Teach them to say sorry to God when they offend him.
  5. Emphasise the positive importance of doing good and working hard.
  6. Let the children see your behaviour is consistent with your values.
  1. One cannot force piety; don’t lecture; help them reflect on the causes and consequences of their actions.
  2. Help them to see that struggle, and ups and downs are a part of life and the virtue of fortitude.
  3. Open their horizons to works of mercy and generous ideals.
  4. Give example of the cheerfulness and generosity that your life lived with Faith should produce.

New South Wales.

On 27th September the school hosted its 1961 to 1970 cohort of alumni. It was a memorable experience for the alumni and their teachers as they relived their school days together with the current secondary section students. The alumni had a chance to tour the school. Most of them remarked that the school still looked the same as they had left it.

The alumni had lunch in the Dining hall in the same format they had back then when they were in school. The day ended with an entertainment session with the current secondary section students together with their teachers.

The current principal, Mr. John Muthiora gave a speech, followed by the 1st principal Prof. David Sperling. Chairman of the school board and alumnus, Mr. Mathew Njogu also gave a speech. Dr. Vincent Ogutu(Former Deputy Principal and alumni) gave the keynote address.

We hope this will be the start of so many reunions that will bring our alumni together!

On the 21st September 2019 the school held its annual prize giving day. It was a bright and colorful Saturday afternoon. Students, school staff and parents all had a share in the awards. The Form 4 and Standard 8 classes of 2019 had their graduation. There were pieces of entertainment from students and the usual ‘zilizopendwa’ staff performance.

The rangers left school on the 14th August 2019 for Amboseli for the camp.

It was 3 days of fun, learning and sports. They were able to visit the Amboseli National Park, cross the Kenyan Tanzania Border to visit the Kilimanjaro National park through the Rongai route.

They returned on the 17th August 2019 exhausted but happy.

Education in the Human Virtues as the Basis of Genuine Freedom

In Strathmore School, great stress is placed on developing human virtues, or strength of character, because these virtues enable a person to be self-directing in life – to be truly free. Freedom is not seen as mere freedom from constraints but as a capacity to carry noble convictions into action. Too often man finds himself limited and inhibited by his own failings, ignorance or unquestioning conformity. Ultimately, the capacity to truly love others and to be happy is a consequence of character with a well-rounded development of virtues. The family, where an overriding motivation is the welfare of the other members, is the environment “par excellence” for fostering virtue.

Man cannot live without love. He remains a being that is incomprehensible for himself, his life is senseless,
if love is not revealed to him, if he does not encounter love, if he does not experience it and make it his own,
if he does not participate intimately in it….
Pope John Paul II, Redemptor Hominis, 10

Teaching Virtues in the Family
A virtue is a readiness in one’s character to act in a particular way for a good motive. Simply speaking, it is a good habit and so is acquired by carrying out some good act with some regularity. Over time this regularity builds an enduring strength in one’s character.
Early childhood
In a young child the foundations of virtue are built by example, clear consistent guidelines, routines, close follow up, and punishments imposed without anger.
Later childhood
When a child is older the focus continues on orderly routines and clear parental expectations, but attention to his motives becomes more  important. The child can be helped to reflect on his own actions by asking him to make certain decisions himself, by teaching him to learn from his mistakes and to have a optimistic view of difficulties, and, when necessary, by the imposition of punishments which are most effective when they help the boy remedy the consequences of his poor actions. In these years children are able to take far more responsibility for their own character improvement. They respond very well if encouraged to act from motives of charity towards a parent or one of their sisters or brothers. Home atmosphere and family example continue to play a major role, consolidating the habits acquired in earlier years. The value of a positive peer group becomes very noticeable also at this time.
Teenage Years
In teenage years, a boy or girl develops the adult capacity for independent action based on personal conviction. It is good and natural that teenagers should want more and more freedom and autonomy; it is a prerequisite for a mature personality. Parents should not be scared when they observe a growing independent spirit in their son or daughter. They should not react with panic and legislate rules as if their teenager were still a child. Nor should they retard the development of their offspring by smothering him with childish pampering. Nor should they look on fondly as their teenager exhibits every sort of silly, superficial behaviour, naively justifying it with words such as “kids will be kids”. Virtues are not fostered impersonally. A teenager will grow in virtue because he is encouraged personally to improve himself, to seek higher ideals, and to act from better motives. Parents must be in a position to talk frequently and confidently to their teenage son and daughter so that they can provide this affectionate encouragement. The foundations for such a relationship are sown in the friendship and time spent together in childhood years.
Only if such a close relationship exists will the firm, clear guidelines needed in teenage years be trustingly accepted. And only through such a close relationship will the parent have sufficient sensitivity and understanding for their teenager’ s thoughts and feelings, and sufficient respect for his or her legitimate freedom.

A suggested arrangement of virtues according to age

Up to the age of 7 From 8 to 12 From 13 to 15 From 16 to 18

Cardinal Virtue

  • Justice
  • Fortitude
  • Temperance
  • Prudence



  • Charity
  • Faith
  • Hope
Key Human


  • Obedience
  • Sincerity
  • Orderliness
  • Fortitude
  • Perseverance
  • Industriousness
  • Patience
  • Responsibility
  • Justice
  • Generosity
  • Modesty
  • Moderation
  • Sociability
  • Friendship
  • Respect for others
  • Simplicity
  • Patriotism
  • Prudence
  • Flexibility
  • Understanding
  • Loyalty
  • Audacity
  • Humility
  • Optimism

Happiness and human maturity

SOURCE: Redfield College, Sydney.

The memories of Strathmore’s heroic performance in the 2013 Nakuru edition of Kenya National Music Festivals and 2017 Kakamega edition of Kenya National Music Festivals are back. Another impeccable performance by the School Choir in this year’s Festivals.

As the training began early in the year, every single day showed an improvement on each item and all musical ears had their impressive comments about the proceedings. A variety of items were polished in well coordinated training sessions ranging from instrumental classes, Vocal Solos, Public Speaking, Solo Verses in various languages to well arranged pieces in boys’ musical classes. No sooner had the competitions begun than it became clearer that the School Choir had something of substance for the audience.

At the Subregionals held at Ruaraka High School, the choir presented a total of 20 items out of which 16 qualified for the next level; nine being in position 1, three in position 2 while four in third position.

At the Regionals held at Moi Forces Academy, Eastleigh, it was another show of dominance as 9 items scored very high marks to proceed to the National Festivals. Ranging from Saxophones, Clarinets, Vocal Solos, Small Choirs to Arrangement of African Folk Tunes and Sacred Text melodies, Strathmore School Choir was easily noticeable in the halls. The most prominent piece of Art was Mr. Andrew Tumbo’s arrangement of African Tunes and Melodies from Baganda Culture entitled “Wagongollo”.

As the nine items proceeded to Kabarak University in Nakuru for the National Festivals, the joy and optimism had drowned any doubts that better things were yet to come. And yes, it happened. Three of the items were 1st position in Kabarak, another three 2nd position, another three third position and the last three fourth position. This splendid performance gave Strathmore a direct ticket to the Winners Galla and State Concert which was graced by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House Nakuru.

There is truly more to achieve in the year 2020

Uandishi ni nguzo muhimu katika ufunzaji wa lugha. Ujuzi wa uandishi umechangia pakubwa kwa waelekezi kuweza kueneza lugha mbalimbali na kufanikisha mawasiliano kwa watu wengi katika maeneo mbalimbali. Wanafunzi wengi hukosa kufanya mazoezi ya kuandika na kama njia moja ya kuwapa motisha, niliwahimiza (Evans Mosoti) washiriki katika shindano la uandishi wa insha.

Gazeti la Taifa Leo limekuwa likiandaa shindano la insha kila mwezi. Shindano hili huhusisha wanafunzi kutoka shule mbalimbali kote nchini ambao huwa katika maeneo saba. Majina ya washindi kumi bora kutoka kila eneo huchapishwa kwa gazeti huku mshindi akituzwa baada ya kila mwezi. Shindano kuu la kujishindia karo litakalowashirikisha washindi wa kila mwezi, litaandaliwa mara moja pekee mwishoni mwa mwaka.

Mwezi wa Mei, wanafunzi wawili waliweza kuibuka kati ya kumi bora, na mmoja wao kuchukua nafasi ya kwanza katika eneo la Nairobi. Job Mugane, aliyekuwa bingwa wa eneo la Nairobi, alipata fursa ya kuzuru jumba la ‘Nation’. Aliweza kukutana na afisa mkuu mtendaji aliyempongeza na vilevile mhariri wa Taifa Leo aliyemkabidhi hundi. Isitoshe, alipewa ziara fupi ya studio za NTV, QTV na Nation FM.

Shindano la mwezi wa Juni lilichangamkiwa na wanafunzi wengi. Matokeo yaliyochapishwa yalikuwa na wanafunzi sita wa Strathmore kati ya kumi bora eneo la Nairobi. Wanafunzi wamejitolea na tunatarajia kufanya vyema katika miezi iliyobaki inshallah.
Kiswahili kitukuzwe.

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