Below are the updates on the performance of the Basketball School teams for the Term 1 games for both KAISSO(Kenya Association for International Secondary Schools Organisation) and Nairobi County leagues. Keep visiting the page for updates:

Date Category League/Tournament Team 1 Score Score Team 2 Result
15.01.2020 UNDER17 KAISSO League Strathmore 9 37 N.I.S Loss
17.01.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League Braeburn Gitanga Road 17 27 Strathmore Win
18.01.2020 UNDER19 I.S.K  Tournament Strathmore 14 32 German School Loss
I.S.K  Tournament Strathmore 8 22 I.S.K Loss
I.S.K  Tournament Strathmore 24 18 Hillcrest Win
I.S.K  Tournament Strathmore 8 29 R.V.A Loss
UNDER17 KAISSO League R.V.A 73 25 Strathmore Loss
21.01.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League Premier Academy 30 48 Strathmore Win
24.01.2020 UNDER15 KAISSO League B.G.E 17 29 Strathmore Win
25.01.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League R.V.A 15 81 Strathmore Loss
UNDER15 Hillcrest Tournament Strathmore 28 8 Premier Academy Win
Strathmore 23 2 Peponi Win
Strathmore 20 2 Hillcrest Win
Strathmore 38 11 Makini Win
Strathmore 16 10 Aga Khan (Semis) Win
Strathmore 18 21 Brookhouse (Finals) Loss
27.01.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League Peponi 40 34 Strathmore Loss
UNDER17 KAISSO League Peponi 37 5 Strathmore
29.01.2020 UNDER17 KAISSO League Light International 38 17 Strathmore Loss
UNDER15 KAISSO League Light International 22 32 Strathmore Win
01.02.2020 UNDER19 Westlands Sub County Strathmore 36 24 Hospital Hill Win
Strathmore 29 19 Kangemi Win
Strathmore 22 33 Nairobi School Loss
03.02.2020 UNDER14 KAISSO League I.S.K 10 32 Strathmore Loss
04.02.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League I.S.K 41 31 Strathmore Loss
UNDER17 KAISSO League I.S.K 19 41 Strathmore Loss
06.02.2020 UNDER14 KAISSO League Rosslyn 51 8 Strathmore Loss
07.02.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League B.G.E 24 45 Strathmore Win
08.02.2020 UNDER19 Westlands Sub County Strathmore 32 20 St. Mary’s Win
Strathmore 35 25 Kangemi Win
Strathmore 46 13 Makini Win
17.02.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League Hillcrest 45 26 Strathmore Loss
UNDER15 KAISSO League Hillcrest 22 27 Strathmore Win
19.02.2020 UNDER17 KAISSO League Rosslyn 23 22 Strathmore Loss
21.02.2020 UNDER17 KAISSO League Strathmore     B.G.R Loss
22.02.2020 UNDER17 Hillcrest Tournament Strathmore A 9 12 B.G.R Loss
Strathmore A 6 22 I.S.K Loss
Strathmore A 13 10 St. Andrews Turi Win
Strathmore A 7 10 Rosslyn Loss
Strathmore B     Hillcrest Loss
Strathmore B     Nairobi Academy Loss
Strathmore B     Premier Academy Loss
UNDER15 KAISSO League Strathmore 15 9 Peponi Win
Strathmore 20 17 St. Andrews Turi Win
Strathmore 20 4 B.G.R Win
25.02.2020 UNDER14 KAISSO League Rosslyn 18 29 Strathmore Win
29.02.2020 UNDER19 Westlands Sub County Strathmore 34 29 St. Mary’s Win
Strathmore 39 30 Makini Win
UNDER15 KAISSO League Strathmore 28 21 R.V.A Win

Below are the updates on the performance of the Handball School team for the Term 1 games County league. Keep visiting the page for updates:

Date Category League/Tournament Team 1 Score Score Team 2 Result
01.02.2020 Under19 Westlands Sub County Strathmore 4 22 Hospital Hill Loss
29.02.2020 Under19 Westlands Sub County Strathmore 5 9 Nairobi School Loss
Under19 Westlands Sub County Strathmore 8 6 Kangemi Win
Strathmore 6 5 Kangemi Win
Strathmore 3 22 Hospital Hill Loss
Strathmore 4 17 Nairobi School Loss

On 1st February, the school chess team comprising of: 12 Primary Pupils and 15 High School students, attended the Nairobi Region Chess qualifiers. The competition is aimed at players from the Nairobi region represent the region for the National competition.

All 17 chess players from Strathmore School qualified to proceed to the National competition to be held in April in Mombasa. There were 3 players who were exceptional and these were: Lionel Correia(Form 3) who emerged 2nd Best in the Boys U18 category, Timothy Kinoti(Form 3) who was third in same category followed by Trevor Kimalel(Form 3) at 4th place.

They will be headed to the National Competition in April. We wish them success!

Strathmore’s chess club has been very vibrant for the last two years. The club participated in the Kenya National Youth and Cadets Chess Championships for the first time and managed to shine. The school was ranked ninth overall as one of the best high schools and fourth in the boys’ category which was a great start to better things ahead.

The icing on the cake was during the December holidays one of the club’s strongest members Samuel Kinyua, who was first runners-up in the under 18 category, earned the opportunity to represent the school and the country at large in the prestigious African Youth Chess Championships in Windhoek, Namibia as part of the handpicked Kenyan team due to his outstanding performance in the tournament.

This great African tournament attracted players from different African countries totaling to nearly 250 participants. The tournament, which ran for a week, brought along nice exposure and a load of learning experience for better preparation for future events for the star player. The tournament was filled with heavyweights from other countries and after hefty and mind wrinkling matches, Samuel managed to be 19th in his category and 5th in the Kenyan team.

Indeed, it is a great honor to have had one of Strathmore’s students flying high the school’s and the country’s flag. This was not easily achieved, but due to Samuel’s commitment, love for the club and passion for the sport some wonderful fruits have been borne. From this, the standard has been set for the remaining members of the club so that they raise the bar to a higher notch and make Strathmore a force to be reckoned with on the continent.

As a club, we wish Samuel all the best in his future endeavors on making an impact in the chess world.

Chess Patron,

Mr. Maina

On October 12th 2019 the school had its annual Career Day for the Form 4 class of 2019.

The Form 4 students and their parents had the chance to get career advice from colleges and universities both local and international, Tertiary institutions, IGCE colleges and schools were also represented.

At the end of the day the students and their parents were more informed about the options available for them.

On the 21st September 2019 the school held its annual prize giving day. It was a bright and colorful Saturday afternoon. Students, school staff and parents all had a share in the awards. The Form 4 and Standard 8 classes of 2019 had their graduation. There were pieces of entertainment from students and the usual ‘zilizopendwa’ staff performance.

The rangers left school on the 14th August 2019 for Amboseli for the camp.

It was 3 days of fun, learning and sports. They were able to visit the Amboseli National Park, cross the Kenyan Tanzania Border to visit the Kilimanjaro National park through the Rongai route.

They returned on the 17th August 2019 exhausted but happy.

The memories of Strathmore’s heroic performance in the 2013 Nakuru edition of Kenya National Music Festivals and 2017 Kakamega edition of Kenya National Music Festivals are back. Another impeccable performance by the School Choir in this year’s Festivals.

As the training began early in the year, every single day showed an improvement on each item and all musical ears had their impressive comments about the proceedings. A variety of items were polished in well coordinated training sessions ranging from instrumental classes, Vocal Solos, Public Speaking, Solo Verses in various languages to well arranged pieces in boys’ musical classes. No sooner had the competitions begun than it became clearer that the School Choir had something of substance for the audience.

At the Subregionals held at Ruaraka High School, the choir presented a total of 20 items out of which 16 qualified for the next level; nine being in position 1, three in position 2 while four in third position.

At the Regionals held at Moi Forces Academy, Eastleigh, it was another show of dominance as 9 items scored very high marks to proceed to the National Festivals. Ranging from Saxophones, Clarinets, Vocal Solos, Small Choirs to Arrangement of African Folk Tunes and Sacred Text melodies, Strathmore School Choir was easily noticeable in the halls. The most prominent piece of Art was Mr. Andrew Tumbo’s arrangement of African Tunes and Melodies from Baganda Culture entitled “Wagongollo”.

As the nine items proceeded to Kabarak University in Nakuru for the National Festivals, the joy and optimism had drowned any doubts that better things were yet to come. And yes, it happened. Three of the items were 1st position in Kabarak, another three 2nd position, another three third position and the last three fourth position. This splendid performance gave Strathmore a direct ticket to the Winners Galla and State Concert which was graced by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House Nakuru.

There is truly more to achieve in the year 2020

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