Below are the updates on the performance of the Basketball School teams for the Term 1 games for both KAISSO(Kenya Association for International Secondary Schools Organisation) and Nairobi County leagues. Keep visiting the page for updates:

Date Category League/Tournament Team 1 Score Score Team 2 Result
15.01.2020 UNDER17 KAISSO League Strathmore 9 37 N.I.S Loss
17.01.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League Braeburn Gitanga Road 17 27 Strathmore Win
18.01.2020 UNDER19 I.S.K  Tournament Strathmore 14 32 German School Loss
I.S.K  Tournament Strathmore 8 22 I.S.K Loss
I.S.K  Tournament Strathmore 24 18 Hillcrest Win
I.S.K  Tournament Strathmore 8 29 R.V.A Loss
UNDER17 KAISSO League R.V.A 73 25 Strathmore Loss
21.01.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League Premier Academy 30 48 Strathmore Win
24.01.2020 UNDER15 KAISSO League B.G.E 17 29 Strathmore Win
25.01.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League R.V.A 15 81 Strathmore Loss
UNDER15 Hillcrest Tournament Strathmore 28 8 Premier Academy Win
Strathmore 23 2 Peponi Win
Strathmore 20 2 Hillcrest Win
Strathmore 38 11 Makini Win
Strathmore 16 10 Aga Khan (Semis) Win
Strathmore 18 21 Brookhouse (Finals) Loss
27.01.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League Peponi 40 34 Strathmore Loss
UNDER17 KAISSO League Peponi 37 5 Strathmore
29.01.2020 UNDER17 KAISSO League Light International 38 17 Strathmore Loss
UNDER15 KAISSO League Light International 22 32 Strathmore Win
01.02.2020 UNDER19 Westlands Sub County Strathmore 36 24 Hospital Hill Win
Strathmore 29 19 Kangemi Win
Strathmore 22 33 Nairobi School Loss
03.02.2020 UNDER14 KAISSO League I.S.K 10 32 Strathmore Loss
04.02.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League I.S.K 41 31 Strathmore Loss
UNDER17 KAISSO League I.S.K 19 41 Strathmore Loss
06.02.2020 UNDER14 KAISSO League Rosslyn 51 8 Strathmore Loss
07.02.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League B.G.E 24 45 Strathmore Win
08.02.2020 UNDER19 Westlands Sub County Strathmore 32 20 St. Mary’s Win
Strathmore 35 25 Kangemi Win
Strathmore 46 13 Makini Win
17.02.2020 UNDER19 KAISSO League Hillcrest 45 26 Strathmore Loss
UNDER15 KAISSO League Hillcrest 22 27 Strathmore Win
19.02.2020 UNDER17 KAISSO League Rosslyn 23 22 Strathmore Loss
21.02.2020 UNDER17 KAISSO League Strathmore     B.G.R Loss
22.02.2020 UNDER17 Hillcrest Tournament Strathmore A 9 12 B.G.R Loss
Strathmore A 6 22 I.S.K Loss
Strathmore A 13 10 St. Andrews Turi Win
Strathmore A 7 10 Rosslyn Loss
Strathmore B     Hillcrest Loss
Strathmore B     Nairobi Academy Loss
Strathmore B     Premier Academy Loss
UNDER15 KAISSO League Strathmore 15 9 Peponi Win
Strathmore 20 17 St. Andrews Turi Win
Strathmore 20 4 B.G.R Win
25.02.2020 UNDER14 KAISSO League Rosslyn 18 29 Strathmore Win
29.02.2020 UNDER19 Westlands Sub County Strathmore 34 29 St. Mary’s Win
Strathmore 39 30 Makini Win
UNDER15 KAISSO League Strathmore 28 21 R.V.A Win

The Basketball competitions for Westlands Sub County began in January. Strathmore School prepared well for this year’s competitions after they lost narrowly in 2016 to St. Austins School. One of their best performances was at the semi finals where they beat Nairobi School 78-48. They won against Hospital Hill and emerged the champions in Westlands Sub County.

In the preliminaries stage of Westlands Sub Region, Strathmore won all their matches but lost narrowly against Starehe Boys. They met Hospital Hill in the playoffs and emerged victorious.

Strathmore School proceeded to represent Westlands Sub Region in the Regional competitions.  The matches at this level were very competitive both physically and mentally. The team played well and they won against Lenana School but lost to Highway School. This made them emerge position 2 and had to face the most competitive side from the other group that was Upperhill School. They were eliminated at the semi finals but managed position 4 in the entire region. The full scores and photos can be found below.

Congratulations to the basketball team!

Strathmore 55 04 Kangemi
Strathmore 43 11 St. Marys
Strathmore 28 06 French School
Kangemi 15 37 Strathmore
St. Marys 09 60 Strathmore
French School 17 40 Strathmore


Strathmore 78 48 Nairobi School


Hospital Hill 25 52 Strathmore


Strathmore 49 18 Jamhuri
BGE 09 54 Strathmore


Strathmore 18 26 Starehe Boys
Strathmore 18 08 Hospital Hill


Strathmore 54 43 Lenana School
Highway 57 35 Strathmore


Upper Hill 86 26 Strathmore


Eastleigh 34 32 Strathmore

The Kenya Association of Independent International Schools Sports Organization (KAIISSO) Basketball season began in January and ended with all the finals on Friday, 10th March 2017. Strathmore School was represented by three teams i.e Team A, B and C. These teams comprised of players of under 19, 17 and 15 respectively. The Patrons for the teams were Mr. Githaiga – Team A, Mr. Kerongo – Team B and Mr. Muttai – Team C.

All the teams played well in their preliminaries even though they didn’t manage to qualify for the semi finals. The full scores and photos of the season can be found below.

Under 15 Basketball League
30-01-17 Strathmore 25 21 Premier
02-02-17 Rusinga 30 18 Strathmore
06-02-17 Strathmore 46 05 St. Christophers
07-02-17 Strathmore 32 40 Peponi
25-02-17 Turi 35 27 Strathmore
Under 17 Basketball League
24-01-17 ISK 41 27 Strathmore
26-01-17 Strathmore 27 23 St. Christophers
03-02-17 Strathmore 19 11 BGE
08-02-17 Peponi 48 43 Strathmore
15-02-17 Strathmore 15 20 Rosslyn
Under 19 Basketball League
18-01-17 Strathmore 32 35 RVA
24-01-17 ISK 57 37 Strathmore
26-01-17 Brookhouse 68 24 Strathmore
01-02-17 NIS 49 27 Strathmore
15-02-17 Strathmore 24 59 Rosslyn
25-02-17 Turi 20 0 Strathmore

This event filled with pomp and colour took place on Saturday, 11th March 2017. The venue of the inaugural championship was the indoor arena at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani.

Schools started streaming into the venue as early as 12:00pm for a 2:00pm kick off. A total of 30 schools turned out for the event. These 30 schools will represent the 30 teams that make up the actual NBA tournament in the United States.

Before this day, three coaches, namely Mr. Brian Njoroge, Mr. John Thomas Nyakundi and Mr. Brian Abuto, were taken through rigorous coaching courses at USIU on Thursday and Friday to enlighten them on the tactical, technical and physical facets of the game.

The Under 12 School Team comprising of 13 Standard 6 boys namely James Kiumi, Terema Matiko, Benedict Mbalu, Michira Mbugua, Philip Mugambi, Sean Muiga, Victor Nzoka, Paul Ochieno, Edwin Okwach, Mark Towett and Jeremy Wachira arrived at the venue shortly after 1:00pm.

Lunch was served by 1:30pm. At 2:00pm the speeches were given namely by the US ambassador to Kenya, the Director of Operations of the NBA, a basketballer for the women’s version of the NBA (WNBA) and a representative from Ford Company, Ryan Majiwa, who is an old boy of the School (F4 2003). Ford is sponsoring the Championship.

After the speeches the crowd was entertained by professional dunkers from the United States who left the crowds mesmerized at their athletic prowess.

The event concluded with an exhibition match.

Each of the teams was to be given a kit of one of the 30 NBA teams through a kind of draft selection. Strathmore School selected the Phoenix Suns kit. The team has received 10 training balls.

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