On the Bench—Interviews that matter.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Felix Saiya. I have a P1 certificate and diploma in education and I have taught for 9 years in three different schools: Irigithai in Githurai 45, Makini School and now at Strathmore. I teach Swahili, Math and Science to class 2 to 4 pupils.

 What inspired you to come to Strathmore School?

I desired to be part of a team that instils discipline in their students.

 What is your experience in Strathmore School so far?

It has been minimal for I have been here for only a month but I was in a teacher’s seminar in Lukenya and the teachers were warm and welcoming towards me.

 What mode of correction do you use?

I believe in dialogue so as to know what the problem is.

 According to you what are the elements of a good student at Strathmore School?

To me a student has to have the following elements: discipline, willingness to learn, honesty and hard work. I like to focus on the whole formation in nurturing a child not only in academics but also in sports.

 How do you like the facilities in Strathmore School?

I have not seen the whole school yet but so far in my opinion the facilities are excellent.

 How would you improve the learning experience in Strathmore School?

I would improve the school by bringing creativity to the leaners through writing and reading of story books.

 What do you think about our tutoring system in Strathmore School?

I think it is really good as the tutor mentors and advices the student and he always has time for the student.

 What sport activities do you participate in?

I play handball mainly and football.

What are your hobbies?

I am an author of K.C.P.E C.R.E and the new curriculum text books. I also like watching movies and football, listening to gospel music, travelling and am also a church singer.

 As we wind up our interview, any advice you would give a student?

Yes. Students should know themselves first; make their own decisions and avoid peer pressure and choose their friends wisely.


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