Strathmore admits students from widely differing backgrounds. Every year, the number of applicants for admission far exceeds the number of places available. All applicants are required to sit a written test. The Admissions Committee selects those students who demonstrate ability to cope with Strathmore’s demanding academic standards and who show ability to become active, productive members of the School community.

The admission procedure is as follows:

• Fill in and return an Application Form. Application Forms may be collected from the school Secretary.

•Grade Ones: 
•If you are applying for Grade One, you should pick up the form during working days or download it from March to June.

•The Entrance Exam: Strathmore Primary Test (SPT) is usually in June.
•Eligible pupils are those who turn seven in the year they will be in Grade One.


•Form Ones: 

•Form One applicants can pick up or download application forms from beginning of March.

Form 1 Application Form

•The Strathmore Entrance Test (SET) is taken in the month of August.
•An additional test may be organized in November for those who may have missed the August sittings.


•Primary and Form Two Transfers: 
•For transfer applicants of Grade 2 to 4, class 5 – 7, and Form 2 application forms can be downloaded or picked up from the school secretary’s office from 2nd October 2019.

•The exam will be taken on 1st November 2019.
•Short listed candidates will be put on a “waiting list” and may be offered a place if a vacancy arises.
•Please note that we do not accept transfers into Std. 8 and Form 3 and 4.


The interviews will take place on the following days. Please note that you have to book for the interview at least one week in advance:

Grade Ones
Saturday 8th June 2019

Form Ones 
10th and 17th August 2019

1st and 2nd November 2019

Primary and Form Two Transfers

1st November 2019.


Applicants who qualify for admission are also eligible for a bursary on the basis of their financial needs and family circumstances. It is the School’s policy that no deserving boy who meets our admission requirements should be prevented from accepting a place because of inability to pay the fees. The Bursary Fund depends on donations. Regular appeals are made to parents, past students and friends for contributions to the Bursary Fund.