Don Mariano’s visit

On the afternoon of 27th May Don Mariano Fazio visited us and had a get together with teachers and students. Don Mariano is the current Auxiliary Vicar of Opus Dei.

He got a surprise welcome cheer from Grade 3 pupils and later had a get together with the staff of the school, Form 4 and Grade 2.

At the get together with the staff members of the school; he mentioned that the Vicar Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz, Prelate of Opus Dei prays for us everyday since they have a painting of Strathmore School in their house in Rome.

Some take away pointers from him were:
1. We should have broad horizons.
2. We try to work professionally but above all we should try to remember that it is a real service.
3. To remember that I maybe teaching the lowest class but I will work well if I am putting love in my work.
4. I may be teaching a particular subject but must remember that I have to transmit values through my work.
5. As a school we need to work with unity despite differences in our opinions.
6. To remember that we have the souls of young men in our hands and we can affect them positively.
7. That the best mode of teaching is by our example.

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