1961-1970 Alumni Reunion

On 27th September the school hosted its 1961 to 1970 cohort of alumni. It was a memorable experience for the alumni and their teachers as they relived their school days together with the current secondary section students. The alumni had a chance to tour the school. Most of them remarked that the school still looked the same as they had left it.

The alumni had lunch in the Dining hall in the same format they had back then when they were in school. The day ended with an entertainment session with the current secondary section students together with their teachers.

The current principal, Mr. John Muthiora gave a speech, followed by the 1st principal Prof. David Sperling. Chairman of the school board and alumnus, Mr. Mathew Njogu also gave a speech. Dr. Vincent Ogutu(Former Deputy Principal and alumni) gave the keynote address.

We hope this will be the start of so many reunions that will bring our alumni together!

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