2024 Volleyball Season

Strathmore School’s U19 volleyball team has been on a roller-coaster ride this season and their journey is far from over. After a shaky start at the annual U19 Rosslyn Volleyball tournament, they bounced back with a vengeance in the Westlands sub-county Volleyball games. The team’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, with thrilling wins and nail-biting losses.
In the group stage, they took on Hospital Hill High School, Aga Khan High School, and Farasi Lane High School in convincing fashion.
Here are the highlights:
Results at Nairobi School
Strathmore School 0 – 2 Hospital Hill High School
Strathmore School 2 – 0 Aga Khan High School
Strathmore School 2 – 0 Farasi Lane High School

In a friendly match against German School, they staged a remarkable comeback, winning 2-3 after losing the first two sets. The final set was a nail-biter, with Strathmore School emerging victorious
Friendly against German School:
Set 1: German School 25-23 Strathmore School
Set 2: German School 25- 16 Strathmore School
Set 3: German School 20-25 Strathmore School
Set 4: German School 17- 25 Strathmore School
Set 5: German School 11 – 15 Strathmore School
German School 2-3 Strathmore School.

In the sub-county game against Nairobi School, they fought hard to secure a 2-1 win, with a thrilling 28-26 victory in the first set.
Strathmore School 28-26 Nairobi School
Strathmore School 16-25 Nairobi School
Strathmore School 25-18 Nairobi School
Strathmore School 2-1 Nairobi School

Now the team is on the cusp of greatness, having emerged 2nd in their group and earning a spot in the quarter-finals on June 15th, 2024. They’ll be facing off against the best teams in Westlands sub-county, but one thing is certain – our Volleyball team is ready for the challenge.

Will they make it to the top? Stay tuned on this post for more updates on this thrilling journey!

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