The grandeur of intellectual sparring and eloquent rhetoric took center stage at Strathmore University’s Scholars Debate Festival on June 29th and 30th. Amidst the hallowed halls of academia, the British Parliamentary Debate System brought together formidable minds, showcasing brilliance and debate prowess.

In the senior semifinals, the teams of Peter John Mutura and David Kariuki, as well as Curtis Kamotho and Murakaru Njuki, battled fiercely demonstrating strategic acumen and eloquence in every argument presented.

Advancing to the Senior Finals were the teams of Fidel Muthemba and Emmanuel Mumo alongside Enock Maina and Sean Shundi, each vying for the coveted championship title.

Ultimately, it was Ian Irungu and Aaron Njugi who clinched the prestigious Senior Champions title. Their triumph not only affirmed their intellectual mettle but also earned them scholarships covering 50% of the course fees for a course of their choice; a testament to their dedication and brilliance.

In the junior category, the finals showcased the talents of Jaden Kiragu and Jabari Areri with Ayden Kinyanjui and Nathan Njenga emerging triumphant as the Junior Champions. Their eloquence and quick wit captivated the audience, setting a high standard for future debaters.

Recognizing individual brilliance, Ayden Kinyanjui secured the 5th place Best Speaker award in the junior category with Nathan Njenga following closely in 4th place.

In the senior category, David Kariuki’s rhetorical finesse earned him the 10th place in the Best Speaker rankings. Notably, the senior speakers rankings were led by Aaron Ngugi in 2nd place, followed by Kwame Kimani in 3rd, Ian Irungu in 5th, Fidel Muthemba in 7th, and Emmanuel Mumo in 9th.

The Scholars Debate Festival at Strathmore University not only celebrated the art of debate but also underscored the institution’s commitment to nurturing critical thinking and leadership skills among its students. As debates continue to shape perspectives and inspire change, events like these remind us of the power of discourse in shaping future leaders.

With each argument articulated and rebutted, the Strathmore Scholars Debate Festival reaffirmed its position as a beacon of intellectual excellence and camaraderie, where minds meet, ideas clash and brilliance shines through.

The music regional festivals ended on the first week of July. The following are the results:

At Sub-regional level:

  • Own arrangement by Full choir was position 1
  • Set Piece by Full Choir was position 2
  • Tenor Solo by Ethan Kipchumba was position 7
  • Bass Solo by Terrence Nyiha was position 1
  • Bass Solo by Ray Gachanja and Ryan Gachanja were positions 5 and 6 respectively.
  • Piano Advanced by Darrel Langat was position 3
  • Clarinet by Colin Osidiana was position 9
  • Violin intermediate Josemaria Omondi was position 10
  • Piano intermediate by Justin Kamau was position 3

At Regional level:

  • Own arrangement by Full choir was position 2
  • Set Piece by Full Choir was position 6
  • Bass Solo by Terrence Nyiha was position 5
  • Piano Advanced by Darrel Langat was position 4
  • Piano intermediate by Justin Kamau was position 3
  • Own arrangement by Full choir will proceed to the Nationals in Eldoret in August.

The following are the results for both regional and sub-regional levels:

At Sub-regional level:

  • Own arrangement by Grade 3 boys Full choir was position 1
  • Set Piece by Grade 3 boys Full Choir was position 2
  • Choir patriotic song by Upper Primary boys was position 1
  • Choir set piece by Upper Primary boys was position 4
  • Choir Class 264 by Upper Primary boys was position 1
  • Choir Class 263 by Upper Primary boys was position 1
  • Choir Class 257 by Upper Primary boys was position 2
  • Choir Equity setpiece by Upper Primary boys was position 4
  • Choir Own Composition ‘NACADA’ by Upper Primary boys was position 1
  • Choir Own Composition ‘Plant Trees’ by Upper Primary boys was position 1


  • Full choir class 323 by Junior Secondary School boys was position 1
  • Choir Own Composition ‘Plant Trees’ by Junior Secondary School boys was position 1
  • Full choir class 324 by Junior Secondary School boys was position 1
  • Own arrangement by Junior Secondary School Full choir was position 2
  • Violin by Amiel Nyandigisi was position 1
  • Piano Advanced by Jonathan Mwangi was position 1
  • Clarinet by Jonathan Mwangi was position 1
  • Flute Aiden Mwiga position 1
  • Brass Saxophone Austin Muniu position 2
  • Guitar Seita Abondo and Keen Njiru position 2


  • Choir ‘Tupande Miti’ by Upper Primary boys was position 3
  • Piano Advanced by Jonathan Mwangi was position 1
  • Duet Piano Advanced by Jerome Kamande and Nathan Kuria was position 1
  • Piano Advanced by Jonathan Mwangi was position 1
  • Full choir class 324 ‘African American Spiritual’ by Junior Secondary School boys was position 1
  • French Public Speaking by Dante Mbugua was Position 1
  • Violin Advanced by Amiel Nyandigisi was position 1
  • Clarinet by Jonathan Mwangi was position 1
  • Junior Secondary Boy child Own Composition class 323 was position 1
  • Upper Primary Own composition ‘Uraia’ was position 2
  • Flute by Aiden Mwiga was position 4
  • Own arrangement ‘Kenya Twasonga Mbele’ by Grade 3 boys Full choir was position 3
  • Choir Own Composition ‘NACADA’ by Upper Primary boys was position 1
  • Choir Own Composition ‘K.I.C.D’ by Upper Primary boys was position 1
  • Choir Own Composition ‘Anti Counterfeit’ by Upper Primary boys was position 1

All classes which were position 1 and 2 in the Regional level will proceed to the Nationals at Eldoret in August.

The 2023 season has been a wild ride for Strathmore School’s U19 volleyball team. After a shaky start at the Rosslyn Volleyball tournament, they bounced back with a vengeance in the Westlands sub-county games, showcasing their remarkable resilience and determination.

The team’s journey began with a series of impressive wins in the group stage against Nairobi School, Aga Khan High School, and Farasi Lane High School. Here are the highlights:

* Strathmore School dominated Nairobi School, Aga Khan High School, and Farasi Lane High School, securing convincing wins.
* In a thrilling friendly match against German School, Strathmore School staged a remarkable comeback, winning 2-3 after losing the first two sets. The final set was a nail-biter, with Strathmore School emerging victorious.
* In the sub-county game against Nairobi School, they fought hard to secure a 2-1 win, with a thrilling 28-26 victory in the first set.

As we reflect on the season, it’s clear that our team has made incredible strides. They emerged 2nd in their group and secured a spot in the semi-finals on June 15th.

In the semi-finals, they faced Kangemi High School and although they put up a good fight, ultimately lost 0-3. This loss was a testament to their determination and never-give-up attitude.

In the 3rd and 4th place playoff against Nairobi School, our team pushed them to three sets before ultimately finishing in 4th place. Although it wasn’t the outcome they were hoping for, it was a valiant effort that showcased their growth and development throughout the season.

As we close the book on 2023, our team can hold their heads high. They’ve gained invaluable experience, honed new skills and created memories that will last a lifetime. The future is bright for this talented team and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next season!


In the realm of imagination, where colors bleed and emotions unfold, our talented students took to the stage, unleashing their artistic spirits. The Art Talent Show, with no theme to constrain them, became a vibrant tapestry of self-expression, as the students’ creative voices were heard.

Twenty-six entries from the primary and secondary sections vied for attention, each one a testament to the boundless potential of the human imagination. The graphite drawings, paintings, digital paintings, and photographs presented a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and emotions.

In the primary section, Isiah Njenga’s Grade 5 graphite drawing stole the show. With meticulous precision, he crafted a masterpiece that showcased his mastery of tone and depth. His artwork was a rich tapestry of textures and hues, inviting the viewer to step into its world.

Peter Ijacka, a Grade 1 prodigy, topped the painting category with an accidental yet stunning impressionism technique. His brushstrokes danced across the canvas, imbuing the artwork with a sense of passion and energy. Peter’s love for paint colors shone through in every stroke.

In the secondary section, Njogu Gitau’s Form 3 graphite drawing stood out for its realistic depiction of a serene scenery. Harmony, balance, and form all came together in perfect harmony, as if the viewer had stepped into a tranquil landscape.

Darren Langat, a Form 2 student, wowed with his realistic painting skills. His landscape scenery was a masterclass in foliage and reflection on water, transporting the viewer to a world of serenity and peace.

As the curtains closed on this artistic extravaganza, one thing was clear: our students have truly found their voices through art. The Talent Show Art 2024 was a testament to the boundless potential of creativity and self-expression.

The Talent Show, has come and gone, leaving us all in awe of the incredible talent on display! On May 30th and 31st, 2024, our Primary and Secondary students respectively, took to the stage to show off their hidden skills and we’re still reeling from the excitement!

This year’s show was bigger and better than ever, with a whopping 15 categories to choose from! Art, photography, video editing, graphic design, unaccompanied songs, accompanied songs, live bands, Shairi, poems, French poems, French accompanied songs, rap, and dance – the list goes on! The clubs in our school have done an amazing job of increasing the variety of performances, and it really showed.

But let’s get to the good stuff – the performances! Our talented students left the crowds cheering and our staff members speechless with their impressive displays. From powerful vocals to cleverly crafted dance routines, every act was a standout. We even had some brave boys attempting rap – talk about guts!

In short, this year’s Talent Show was an absolute blast!

On May 30th, 2024, the The Grade 8 students stepped out of their classrooms and embarked on a exciting field trip to Gathoni Tea Farm eager to explore the wonders of Agriculture, Business and Social Studies.

It was an unforgettable experience that combined learning, excitement and community interaction.

The highlight of the trip was the hands-on learning experience. The students got to learn about making compost manure, which was a fascinating topic that taught them about the importance of sustainable farming practices. They also got to visit a tree nursery and learnt about the care and maintenance of young trees at the nursery stage.

But that’s not all! The students got to put their newfound knowledge into action by planting over 500 trees along Gachie Limuru Road. It was an incredible experience that allowed them to connect with nature and make a positive impact on the environment.

The trip didn’t stop there! The students also got to learn about tea picking and Orthodox tea processing methods, which gave them a glimpse into the world of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Throughout the day, the students were immersed in an interactive and engaging learning experience that was both fun and educational. They were able to ask questions and participate in discussions along the way.

The trip was an amazing opportunity for the Grade 8s to learn about different aspects of Agriculture, Business and Social Studies in a real-world setting. It was a fantastic way to build their confidence, develop their problem-solving skills and create lifelong memories.

And what a day it was!

On Saturday, 25th May 2024 we commemorated the inaugural rugby tournament in memory of Mr. Michael Pike. Mr. Pike is a past teacher of the school and the initiator of rugby in our Primary Section. He joined the school’s teaching staff in 1989. He had played in his national rugby team Uruguay before coming to Kenya to teach in the Primary section. He held various roles in school, including Head of the Primary Section, Deputy Principal of School, and Head of Tutorial Section.

Though a trained Architect, Mr. Pike found a passion in teaching and education. He enjoyed teaching in the Primary Section, Tutoring and Coaching Rugby. He had been very instrumental in helping the school educate parents through setting up and coordinating the Parenting Seminars which are there to date. He was a patient and cheerful gentleman who had great love for Kenya. He will be greatly loved and his memories will keep on with us as we hope to have the rugby tournament every year for his memorial. Mr. Pike was born on May 23rd, 1951, and passed away on November 23rd, 2020 after a short illness. We fondly remember him and pray for his soul. Requiescat in pace!

To celebrate him we will be having the Pike Under 14 Memorial Rugby 7s Tournament which will host boys, from schools, aged 14 years for a rugby tournament. The aim is to have schools sending teams for the tournament to compete for the trophy and enjoy the game. The tournament motto is: “Play with heart, respect and sportsmanship – for it’s not just about winning, but about the character you build along the way“. This would be a typical thought that Mr. Pike would pass on to the players while coaching.

The inaugural tournament hosted 4 Teams: Strathmore A, Strathmore B, Braeburn Gitanga Road and RVA(Rift Valley Academy). After a round robin of matches, the finalists were Strathmore A and RVA.

RVA took the day by winning the finals 12 – 5 against Strathmore A.

Deacon Overton – RVA took the Most Valuable Player Award

Nelson Onyango – Strathmore A took the top Try Scorer Award

Congratulations to the players. Three cheers to all the teams on the inaugural tournament!

We can’t wait to see what next year’s tournament brings!


On Friday 17 May 2024 the Ministry of Education directed schools across the country to have a tree planting day. The exercise is a move towards reducing the effects of climate change.

The target as per the ministry was each student should plant a tree and each teacher was to plant 4. The whole school community was involved in this exercise.

On 10th to 12th May 2024, the debate club was at the United States International
University Africa to compete in the East African World Schools Debate Championship.

Five of our teams registered for the tournament and competed in 5 preliminary rounds and 3 elimination rounds: quarter finals, semi finals and finals.

The first 2 days saw the teams compete in preliminary rounds. Upon completion of the
preliminary rounds 4 out of 5 teams qualified for the quarter finals out of a total of 50 teams.
The teams proceeded to quarter finals and competed against teams from South Sudan,
Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.
The teams performed as follows:
Team A: Gold Cup semi-finalists.
Adriel Mutugi
Michael Muturi
Keith Gichoya
Team B: Gold Cup quarter finalists.
Stephan Ogembo
Ayden Kinyanjui
Nathan Njenga
Team C: Main cup Quarter finalists.
David Kariuki
PJ Mutura
Curtis Kamotho
Sam Nyangor
Team D: Did not proceed to quarter finals
Gabriel Kanja
Jabari Areri
Jaden Kiragu

Out 500 speakers in whole competition in East Africa the boys were awarded as follows: 10th Best David Kariuki, 11th Best Peter John Mutura, 12th Best Enock Maina, 15th Best Curtis Kamotho

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