On Saturday, 11th March 2017, 60 Form 3 students visited Machakos Secondary School for the Deaf. Mr. Muhia, Mr. Haggai and Mr. Githaiga accompanied them. They began their journey at around 8:45 a.m and reached Machakos at around 11:30 a.m.

 The Deputy Principal of Machakos Secondary School for the Deaf welcomed the visitors and went ahead to introduce the members of staff present. The Strathmore group went ahead to introduce themselves and further explained the purpose of their visit. Being a school for the deaf, an interpreter was used.

 The students were then divided into two groups. The first group was to engage in peer teaching while other group was to have an inter-school debate.

During peer teaching the students of both schools were divided into smaller groups and worked through a mathematics paper. Any student who didn’t understand a certain concept was encouraged to ask questions so that his peers may help him understand. This was the essence of peer teaching.

It was a unique and enjoyable experience for the Strathmore students. One of the students, David Omondi commented: “It is my first time being in a room where there is so much communication yet no sound is being made.”

The debate motion was “City Life or Village Life. Better which?” It was a face-off kind of debate where a student was to give one point to support their stand before allowing the opposer to counter.  Village Life emerged victorious.

After the peer teaching and debate the Strathmore students were taught simple sign language such as the alphabet, simple family terms like mother and father, food terms like ugali and fish and the signs for various places like Nairobi and Nakuru. The Kenya sign language session ended at 1:30 pm and the students went for lunch.

 The students gathered in the main assembly ground at 1:40 pm for the presentation of the items donated by the students.

 After a brief photo session, the students boarded the buses at 2:20 pm and began the journey back to school where they arrived in school at around 4:15 pm.

Strathmore’s Tutorial Department exists precisely to remind each learner, parent and teacher that it is worthwhile complicating our lives for the sake of a single individual. It is for this reason that every year, the department thrives in its programmes to ensure that boys are guided in the right way and prepared to cope with everyday life dynamics. This year, the Tutorial Department has extended its programme to Standard 5 pupils in a bid to give the boys more time of 4 years receiving personalized attention through mentorship.

On Saturday, 11th January 2017, Form 4 students went to Kabete Rehabilitation centre situated on Lower Kabete. The group comprised of 61 students and four teachers namely Mr. Karani, Mr. Onyango, Mr. Kerongo and Mr. Maina. A good number of those absent were representing the school in a basketball tournament in Upper Hill School.

Kabete Rehabilitation Centre is a government run institution with a current population of 62 pupils and 26 members of staff. This is a drop from 2016 by almost 50%. The population will go up during the course of the year when the new batch of students is dispatched.  The institution is considered a medium risk institution since it accommodates petty offenders between the ages of 11 to 17 years who are sent by the Children’s courts. It offers primary education for classes 5 to 8 and also vocational training such as tailoring, masonry, cookery and metal work.

We were received by Pastor Stephen Nganga, who was on duty, in the company of five staff members and the 62 students. This reception took place in the assembly grounds.

They assigned a Mentor (Strathmore student) to each Kabete student.  Activities of the day included trimming and slashing, sweeping and cleaning the assembly grounds, raking and piling the trash in a pit, splitting firewood using axes, helping in the kitchen and helping the IT department (2 students)

Sports was the highlight of the day with a captivating football match that ended 3 – 0 in favor of Strathmore.

The class managed to donate the following items: tissue, bar soap, toothbrush, petroleum jelly, maize flour, wheat flour, cooking fat, cooking oil, sugar, salt, rice, green grams, beans and other cereals, slippers, shoes, exercise books, pencils, baking powder, tea leaves, revision books, milk and mangoes.

At around 4:35 pm, they arrived at School safely.

On Saturday, 4th February 2017, 30 members of the Research Club led by their Patron Mr. Kerongo, attended the National Research Club competition held at the Kenya School of Government (KSG). The theme of the competition was, “Corruption the social evil”.

Research Club is among the clubs in the extra-curricular activities in the secondary section. The club did very well despite their tight schedule in preparing for this competition. They attained position 6 out of 12 and all the members were certified.

Congratulations to the Research Club!

On Saturday, 11th February 2017, Debate Club students attended the Nairobi Regions annual Great Debaters’ Contest in Starehe Boys’ Centre and School. Strathmore School were set to face off with Mount Kenya Academy on the motion, ‘Closure of refugee camps will ease terrorism in Kenya’.

Boys took time to research and prepare past the motion especially during the Clubs’ meeting on Thursdays. They sought advice from their Patron and students who were members of the Debate Club. They did everything in their power to get the information they needed.

The Club members arrived at the venue at around 9:50 am. Representatives were chosen after a rigorous consultation. They were; Ziva Auki (F3 A), Jonathan Wamarema (F2 Alpha) and Daniel Abate (F3 A).

The event was full of surprises as Mount Kenya Academy failed to turn up leading to Strathmore School being paired against Starehe Girls’ High School and presented with a new motion that they had not prepared for.

The new motion ’Sex education should be introduced as a solitary subject in the proposed 2-6-3-3 curriculum’; a motion that was truly on to intrigue all ears around. A subsequent coin toss was done by the judges that led Strathmore to oppose the motion.

Strathmore students gathered in the library to research on their points. Before long, it was time for debate.  All gathered in the hall witnessed what turned out to be an epic battle; a battle of wits. Starehe Girls gave a real challenge and the boys countered. Nevertheless, Ziva Auki got firm with the help of Daniel Abate and the complete mastery of eloquence in speech from Jonathan Wamarema (who completely swept the opposition off their feet), they were able walk home with the highest points. They were awarded 79 out 100. Closely following were the hosts, Starehe Boys Centre, with 74 points.

Congratulations to Debate Club!

The above contest was held between Wednesday, 8th and Friday, 10th February 2017 at Oshwal Academy Nairobi. Our school presented participants from standard 1 to 6. Other schools that took part in this contest were:

  • Oshwal Academy (Host), Samaj School, Light Academy, Aga Khan School, Kianda School, Nairobi International School, Arya Vedic and Braeside School.

Our performance was as follows in various classes:

Standard 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6; Position 5, 6, 5, 1, 3 and 3 respectively.


On Tuesday, 17th January 2017, fresh and enthusiastic faces thronged the school main entrance in the company of their parents. This was going to be 2017’s Standard 1 first day of primary school. They enjoyed the company of their parents right up to the registration table where they were welcomed by the Head of Section and their Class Teacher. They were later taken through the class procedures and also familiarized themselves with the new school environment. Their first day in school ended well.

Tuesday, 10th January 2017 marked the beginning of Form 1 2017. Fresh and handsome faces milled around the Form 1 class very early in the morning. They were ushered into their classes by their Class Teachers at around 7:10 am. The boys look very eager, happy and ready to start the journey of 4 years.

As they begin their journey, we wish them success.

This year, Form One students reported to school much earlier than in previous years. Our Form One orientation was done on Saturday, 7th January 2017 in the common room. The Form 1 students  were welcomed by their Class Teachers who took them through the school procedures. The form 4 captains further took them around the school as they familiarized themselves with the new environment where will spend their next 4 years.

Thursday, 5th January 2017 marked the beginning of the new school year. All secondary students gathered for a formal ceremony at 7:30 am and 10:30 am for primary pupils at the swimming pool area. The Principal opened the school officially in both assemblies. He further welcomed the new students/pupils, teachers and the new assistant Chaplain. He thanked the school for the success in 2016 especially with the KCPE and KCSE classes.

We wish the Standard 8 and Form 4 candidates success as they prepare for their final examination in November.

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