The Nairobi Regions Great Debaters Contest 2017

On Saturday, 11th February 2017, Debate Club students attended the Nairobi Regions annual Great Debaters’ Contest in Starehe Boys’ Centre and School. Strathmore School were set to face off with Mount Kenya Academy on the motion, ‘Closure of refugee camps will ease terrorism in Kenya’.

Boys took time to research and prepare past the motion especially during the Clubs’ meeting on Thursdays. They sought advice from their Patron and students who were members of the Debate Club. They did everything in their power to get the information they needed.

The Club members arrived at the venue at around 9:50 am. Representatives were chosen after a rigorous consultation. They were; Ziva Auki (F3 A), Jonathan Wamarema (F2 Alpha) and Daniel Abate (F3 A).

The event was full of surprises as Mount Kenya Academy failed to turn up leading to Strathmore School being paired against Starehe Girls’ High School and presented with a new motion that they had not prepared for.

The new motion ’Sex education should be introduced as a solitary subject in the proposed 2-6-3-3 curriculum’; a motion that was truly on to intrigue all ears around. A subsequent coin toss was done by the judges that led Strathmore to oppose the motion.

Strathmore students gathered in the library to research on their points. Before long, it was time for debate.  All gathered in the hall witnessed what turned out to be an epic battle; a battle of wits. Starehe Girls gave a real challenge and the boys countered. Nevertheless, Ziva Auki got firm with the help of Daniel Abate and the complete mastery of eloquence in speech from Jonathan Wamarema (who completely swept the opposition off their feet), they were able walk home with the highest points. They were awarded 79 out 100. Closely following were the hosts, Starehe Boys Centre, with 74 points.

Congratulations to Debate Club!

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