Class of 2011 Reunion

On Saturday 16th October 2021 the Form 4 class of 2011 had their reunion. From 10am to 5pm they were in school together like in the old times in school. They were 35 who physically attended.

They had a get together in the common room. Each had a chance to speak and give an update on what they are up to.

The teachers were represented by Mr. Maina, Mr. Gortazar, Mr. Muthiora and Fr. Joe. Fr. Joe led with prayers for the deceased members of the class. The class has 4 members deceased: Paul Korros, Brian Kiambati, Patrick Maina and Kevin Muthee.

Mr. Muthiora spoke of his memories of the class, marriage and commitment in marriage.

They had lunch and played rugby, soccer and basketball to recap the good memories spent together in school.

We wish the Form 4 Class of 2011 all the best!

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