Interview with our Primary Scholar of the year

Last year 2023 was the last of the (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education)KCPE cohort countrywide. It is also the last Form 1 class transitioning to our Secondary Section from the Primary Section. Justin Kariuki emerged scholar of the year for the primary class. He was interviewed by our students media team. These were his comments:

Media Team: How does it feel to be the top of your class in KCPE?
Justin Kariuki: It was a really nice feeling especially when I had just found out!
Media Team: Were you expecting to do this well?
Justin Kariuki: Honestly, I was not really expecting such a high mark. I can say I was hoping for it.
Media Team: How did you prepare yourself?
Justin Kariuki: I made sure I studied a lot and was always listening in class.
Media Team: Who would you like to thank the most?
Justin Kariuki: I would like to thank my parents. The support I got from them was monumental. I would not have gotten this far if it were not for them.
Media Team: What would you like to tell the next candidates in line?
Justin Kariuki: Make sure to listen to your teachers, study a lot and probably most importantly, keep motivated.

Other top students who have joined our Secondary Section are:


Michael Muturi

Jeremy Rotich

Peter Kiringa

Michael Koech

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