Kenya Science and Engineering Fair(KSEF)

On the 10th March at Moi Girls High School there was the Sub County Levels of KSEF.

Strathmore School Science Club had 8 entries spread across 4 categories – Chemistry, Biology & Biotechnology, Agriculture and Engineering.

In the 8 entries we had; 3 qualified for the next round which is Regional Level which was on 14th April 2023.

The 8 entries that were entered were:
Chemistry – Electrolysis machine
Biology & Biotechnology – Septic water purifier
Agriculture – Fruit picker
Agriculture – Home-made sprinkler
Engineering – Push down water dispenser
Engineering – Versatile aircraft
Engineering – Advanced charcoal cooler
Engineering – Compression (mosquito net)

The 3 entries that qualified and positions were:

1. Advanced Charcoal cooler by Mark Teiye Form 2 and Roy Maina Form 2 became position 20 in Nairobi

2. Water Dispenser by Grade 7 Xavi Odumbe and Kamita Gichui Grade 7 became position 25 in Nairobi

3. Versatile Aeroplane by Jason Gatu Grade 7 became position 26 in Nairobi

Congratulations to the club members who had entries and those looking forward to next year.


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