Prize Giving Day 2017

We began the year in January on a good note. The school calendar has been full of activities in and outside class. Our primary pupils did exemplary well in their studies and in extra-curricular activities. The secondary students too did not disappoint. All the school teams registered impressive results in the competitions they took part in. The highlight of them all was the school choir which attained position 1 in 6 categories at the Kenya National Music Festivals held in Kakamega.

We were delighted to hold our Annual Prize Giving (PGD) Ceremony on the afternoon of Saturday, 16th September 2017 to reward our pupils and students. Students, members of staff, parents and past students attended this event.

The audience was entertained by delightful performances from the School choir which presented some of the items that won at the festivals. The teachers’ choir too presented 2 items of “Zilizopendwa”. As usual the presentations were very entertaining and it left the audience yearning for more.

This was followed by the prize-giving ceremony.

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