This year we had 2 prize giving days one for the the year 2021 and another for the year 2022. The one we had in recently on the 5th November was for 2022. It was a return to the normal prize giving day with families gathering in the sports fields together with teachers, students and auxiliary staff. The Scroll magazine had a comeback with a QR Code that also complementing it to give purchasers access to the Scroll Digital which was in DVDs in the past.

It was a great relief to get back to our traditional PGD!

This year we had a second prize giving day that had Form 1, Grade 1 and Grade 5 classes not in school. It was a brief ceremony in the afternoon featuring special recognition.

Dr. Joseph Abuodha and Dr. Mary Abuodha were the guests for the occasion. The couple are parents with sons in Grade 3 and Standard 6.

Dr. Joseph Abuodha, a past student of the school gave the students ideas and tips on how to make it through Strathmore School.


The graduation ceremony was held amidst the challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been a PDG of its own kind owing to the fact that it has happened at a time when the year just started. The PDG is a special establishment that shall renegade into the later PGD that will involve the whole school. With the covid-19 precedence there has been need to have the class 8 and Form 4 candidates to have exams away from the usual November December season. This has also altered the academic calendar. The event started off with mass and blessing of the candidates.

The guests of Honour were Mr. and Dr. Dimba whose accolade is in relation to the attachment to the institution since being a student, teacher and a parent for the last 12 years.

Mr. Raphael Mwangi Primary Section Head

The ceremony started off with speeches with Mr. Mwangi, the Primary Section Head, starting off with a speech and vesting of sashes to the class 8 candidates.

Mr. Alfred Odisa Secondary Section Head

The Secondary Section Head followed thereafter with a speech and vesting of sashes to the form 4 candidates. In his speech he impressed on the candidates their responsibility as an alumni to not only use, the academic knowledge they gained but also the Christian principles they gained, for as guide in their life.

Adrian Wachira Valedictorian Form 4 Class of 2020

The form 4 speech was later presented by Adrian Wachira. He requested a moment of silence in honor of Mr. Pike who succumbed to cancer. He emphasized their transition into men and thanked the Strathmore fraternity for the molding they received.

Mr. John Muthiora Principal

The principal Mr. Muthiora welcomed everyone to the momentous event. He asked for more prayers to the infected and affected as this has been a litmus test to relationships. He applauded parents for their endless support to the school. He noted that The virtue of discipline, resilience, considerable willpower and determination have been demonstrated. He pointed out the hard work of the candidates.

Awards were given to the various fields; academic, co-curricular among other cadre.

Below is Anthony Dimba. Sportsman of the year 2020.

Class 8 candidates and form 4 candidates had a group photo.

We thank all who took part in making the event a success.
God bless!

On the 21st September 2019 the school held its annual prize giving day. It was a bright and colorful Saturday afternoon. Students, school staff and parents all had a share in the awards. The Form 4 and Standard 8 classes of 2019 had their graduation. There were pieces of entertainment from students and the usual ‘zilizopendwa’ staff performance.

We began the year in January on a good note. The school calendar has been full of activities in and outside class. Our primary pupils did exemplary well in their studies and in extra-curricular activities. The secondary students too did not disappoint. All the school teams registered impressive results in the competitions they took part in. The highlight of them all was the school choir which attained position 1 in 6 categories at the Kenya National Music Festivals held in Kakamega.

We were delighted to hold our Annual Prize Giving (PGD) Ceremony on the afternoon of Saturday, 16th September 2017 to reward our pupils and students. Students, members of staff, parents and past students attended this event.

The audience was entertained by delightful performances from the School choir which presented some of the items that won at the festivals. The teachers’ choir too presented 2 items of “Zilizopendwa”. As usual the presentations were very entertaining and it left the audience yearning for more.

This was followed by the prize-giving ceremony.

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