The 17th June 2022 was set aside for the 2022 Sports Day. The day has become a culture of the school as it unites all pupils and students from Grade 1 to Form 4. All classes came together to create 4 teams: Chui, Nyati, Ndovu and Simba each head by a super captain.

All routine activities in the school come to a halt on this day so that the focus of the school turns to ball games, field games and team events.

Sportsmanship, Camaraderie and team spirit was the order of the day as Chui, Nyati, Ndovu and Simba teams battled it out in different events.

At the end of the day team Nyati was decleared winner with 223 points closely followed by Ndovu with 222 points. Chui and Simba scraped the remaining points with Chui getting 213 and Simba 209 to clench the 3rd and 4th slots respectively.

What an exhilarating day!

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