The KCPE(Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) exam week (15th to 17th March 2020) had started so well with the rain sprinkles to indicate a sprinkle of blessing, and indeed it was. All the candidates sat for the KCPE exam successfully, without a glitch.

After their last paper, Social Studies, candidates were ushered to the luncheon; well set with keen adherence of the covid-19 protocols: I wear my mask, I wash my hands, and I watch my distance and watch my temperature. During the lunch session candidates registered their appreciation as they chatted and interacted with their teachers. The aroma welcomed everyone to the dinning room.

Their stay in the school could not be forgotten. They had a video session in the common room to recap their life since joining the school. Laughter rent the air inside the common room, laughter is medicine they say. If you want to appreciate growth then have an album. You will always have a reason to rejoice for another day! This is what the video session was about!

The match at the end of the day saw the staff versus the candidates having an entertaining football match. It started with a warm-up for both teams.

The cheering squad for the pupils was not left behind.

Scores were registered within the early minutes of the game with the candidates ahead in the first half.

The staff later proved to be the head and not near tail as they overtook the candidates in the second half. The match ended in a win for the staff team. Staff 3:2 Class 8. The match and celebrations of the day ended well!

We wish all the candidates all the best as they move on to the next level of life!

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