Unlike all other seasons, this season saw the start of competitive rugby in Grade 7s(Under 13 years). This was a step forward by the administration to get the game into the young lads.

The U13s were not able to participate in any tournament but they had a friendly triangular tournament which featured RVA and Cavina School. It was a great afternoon to see the young players new in the game putting their best foot forward to win against both schools.

On a different scene; the Under 15 years (Form Ones) also had their share of introduction to the game. They had a chance of participating in the International schools league tournament. They started off by playing friendlies which they lost. At some point at the start of the season one would have easily gotten discouraged if there was need to have Form Ones play but as they played more games they were able to become better and display good quality rugby. In the ultimate Under 15s Tournament at RVA they became second losing the the defending champions St. Andrews School Turi by a 2 point margin in the finals.

For the Under 16 years (Form 2s) the boys participated in the Damu Changa league and Blackrock 10s tournament. These leagues exposed them to the game as they only had a chance to play 1 game in their Form 1 year. In the leagues they got ejected in the group stages and Quarter finals respectively. They displayed hope for the future of the game in the school!

For the seniors (Form 3s and Form 4s) the team had mixed fortune as the Team A 7s started off the season by winning Gold in the annual Hillcrest U19s 7s aside tournament. The team A also featured in the Nairobi County 15s, Prescott Cup 15s and Blackrock 10s tournament. In all the 3 tournaments they recorded minor losses and got ejected in Quarter finals, Group Stages and Quarter Finals respectively.

With all this action the school rugby team has a bright future worth looking forward to!

On Saturday 3rd June the Strathmore School rugby Teams A and B got an invitation to the annual Saint Marys School Blackrock Rugby Tournament. This year the tournament was setup to be a 10s Tournament.

Having been runners-up in last year’s 7s tournament the team was positive and hopeful for this year’s 10s tournament.

Both Teams A and B were able to qualify for the main cup quarterfinals.

Team A lost in the quarter finals against a well oiled Kitondo High School while Team B lost to UpperHill A after a gallant fight.

The tournament Finalists were RVA A and Rosslyn Academy. Rosslyn emerge winners this year.

We hope for the best to the team as they take-on the Term 2 rugby season.

On Saturday 18th February 2023 we had the chance to host the historic Strathmore@60 Touch Rugby tournament which included teams from the Strathmore School Rugby alumni and Strathmore University Rugby Alumni and fraternity. The Occasion had a total of 16 teams which participated in the tournament.

Past students from the different years came together to form teams and had a chance to have lots of fun and remember the ‘good old days in school’. The tournament started in the morning at 9am and by 4pm teams were awarded for performance and participation. It was a memorable and fun day for our Alumni, current students and the University’s Alumni.

We hope this was the start to more of the Alumni interactions with the current students.

Interview with Matthew Mandi 4A (Captain of Rugby Team A) By Peter Mutura and Mark Muikia 1A

Commencement of Rugby season on Saturday 21st May with a tournament at Hillcrest School.
Q: How was the tournament?
A: It was exciting as many players got to play their first game since the covid-19 pandemic. We did very well in the pool stages beating majority of the teams apart from RVA team A who beat us in both the finals and the pool stages.

Q: How was the tournament towards the end?
A: We entered the final against the RVA team A. There was a bit of intimidation seeing as we had already lost to RVA in the pool stages and conceded a few tries before we scored.

First league game – Damu Pevu (Derby at Saint Mary’s)
Q: How was the first league game?
A: It was beyond our expectations as we emerged victorious against our bitter rivals. Indeed we couldn’t have asked for better.

Second and Third league games
Q: How were the other games?
A: Initially we were supposed to play Aquinas High School however they forfeited and we received a walk over. Thereafter, we played Light Academy. It was a good game and once again we managed to win despite the unfavorable conditions presented to us.

The main event: BLACKROCK
Q: What were the team’s expectations in the tournament?
A: It was a very enticing experience as we faced some rivals from the 2020 rugby season.
Q: How were the games?
A: The first game was against RVA’s Team B. We went into the game with a lot of motivation and managed to win the game as we had a score to settle from the previous tournament.
Our last game –the final- was against RVA’s main team. There was a lot of tension and excitement as there was a lot at stake. This would determine whether we took the trophy home or not. Nevertheless we played as best as we could. However, just as we had made a comeback towards the end of the first half I unfortunately received a vicious tackle and as a result, I slightly dislocated my shoulder and had to sit out the rest of the game. Sadly, in the end we lost by a very close margin. It was a very tough and painful loss to take.
Q: Do you think you would’ve helped the team to victory if you played the rest of the game?
A: Yes, I think I would have helped the team to victory. Nevertheless, they played very well and as their captain I am very proud of them even though they lost. It would be my honor to stand by them in future through wins or losses. They indeed are the real MVPs.

Despite his injury, Matthew Mandi managed to become the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Blackrock tournament. Becoming the first Strathmore School student to do so since Joseph Kimeu in 2008.

The school won the Damu Pevu league this year on 26th June by winning the finals against Kiambu High School (21 – 5). The team has earned a promotion to the prestigious league of Prescott Cup next year.

Kudos to the 2022 team and hoping for a good 2023 season.

The whole month of August 2021 was dedicated solely to the memory of our school’s sports legend the late Mr. Kevin O’byrne; a former teacher, tutor, rugby coach and rugby referee. Also a Co-founder of the school.
The secondary section had all the classes represented for the memorial tournament and Form 4 A emerged winners of the one month intense and high paced Touch Rugby Tournament.














63 – 0

70 – 14

28 – 7

14 – 7

7 – 0

+ 147


23 (Q)


42 – 0

84 – 21

7 – 14

42 – 21

35 – 28

+ 126


21 (Q)


35 – 0

42 – 0

0 – 7

42 – 0

28 – 35

+ 105


18 (Q)


42 – 14

21 – 14

7 – 28

21 – 42

0 – 42





7 – 7

14 – 71

14 – 21

21 – 84

0 – 42





7 – 7

0 – 63

14 – 42

0 – 42

0 – 35




Playoff: 4A (15) v (10) 4&

FINAL: 3A (13) v (17) 4A

Starting this year 2019, rugby has been re-introduced as part of sports lesson. In Primary: Class 5 to Class 8, and Secondary: Form 1 to Form 4.

This has added a fourth sport in the Primary section and a fifth sport in the Secondary. The other sports in the primary and secondary sections are: football, basketball, volleyball. Handball is only played in the secondary section.

The re-introduction of rugby has been met with lots of enthusiasm in both sections.

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