Form 1 New Parents’ Meeting

On Wednesday, 1st February 2017, Form 1 2017 parents attended their first meeting that was held in the common room. The meeting started at 3:45 pm. The aim of the meeting was to welcome parents and tell them how the school operates. The Principal introduced the Class Teachers and Subject Teachers of form 1 who were present. He went ahead to explain about the school before inviting the Head of Secondary section who talked about Academics and Discipline. The Head of the Tutorial Department had an opportunity to tell parents about the tutorials which help in a special way in understanding every individual boy in school. The Director of Hodari Club also got an opportunity to explain about the club and how they run their activities. The final speaker of the day was the School Chaplain who talked about the School Chaplaincy and how it helps to mould an individual to be able to grow academically and spiritually.

We wish the Form 1 parents all the best as they start their long journey in the school.

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