The memories of Strathmore’s heroic performance in the 2013 Nakuru edition of Kenya National Music Festivals and 2017 Kakamega edition of Kenya National Music Festivals are back. Another impeccable performance by the School Choir in this year’s Festivals.

As the training began early in the year, every single day showed an improvement on each item and all musical ears had their impressive comments about the proceedings. A variety of items were polished in well coordinated training sessions ranging from instrumental classes, Vocal Solos, Public Speaking, Solo Verses in various languages to well arranged pieces in boys’ musical classes. No sooner had the competitions begun than it became clearer that the School Choir had something of substance for the audience.

At the Subregionals held at Ruaraka High School, the choir presented a total of 20 items out of which 16 qualified for the next level; nine being in position 1, three in position 2 while four in third position.

At the Regionals held at Moi Forces Academy, Eastleigh, it was another show of dominance as 9 items scored very high marks to proceed to the National Festivals. Ranging from Saxophones, Clarinets, Vocal Solos, Small Choirs to Arrangement of African Folk Tunes and Sacred Text melodies, Strathmore School Choir was easily noticeable in the halls. The most prominent piece of Art was Mr. Andrew Tumbo’s arrangement of African Tunes and Melodies from Baganda Culture entitled “Wagongollo”.

As the nine items proceeded to Kabarak University in Nakuru for the National Festivals, the joy and optimism had drowned any doubts that better things were yet to come. And yes, it happened. Three of the items were 1st position in Kabarak, another three 2nd position, another three third position and the last three fourth position. This splendid performance gave Strathmore a direct ticket to the Winners Galla and State Concert which was graced by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House Nakuru.

There is truly more to achieve in the year 2020

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